Thursday, July 23, 2015

Defining Net Art, a Thread on a Response

Defining Net Art, a Thread on a Response 

An interesting thread has been popping up on my email these days. I guess there is a sort of ongoing conversation about the defining of Net Art. It's based around the application process for Net Prix. Which last year attempted to ask for that very definition. I have been carefully listening for my opportunity to chime in.

The thread on adds valuable a perspectrive about the limitations of previous Net Art definitions. Leading to the interpretation of a need for Net Art to have a greater resemblance to Art in general. The Art and Artist must take into a account the viewer's responses, reactions and interactions. "I agree with this. Art and Artist's should utilize responses, reactions and interactions of the viewers as a basis for conceiving and creating Net Art". This is where I define Net Art, Alter Art(alter-ism), Conceptual Art and Particularly Dada Style Performance Art which when executed online as Net Art can hope to fulfill these issues.

Immersion Journalism and Social Networks have provided a natural progression in Net Performance Art(Alter Art) .


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