Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog Art, Blogger Artist a Letter to Paddy Johnson by DS Pollack

If a Blog
is the Art
the Blogger
the Artist

Just like Seth Siegelaub was to Conceptual Art and Artists. And how we now realize his exhibition and influence make him one of the greatest conceptual artists of his time. Perhaps the Art bloggers and their blogs are in fact creating the most pertinent art of our time.

That's exactly the way I create my work and Art. I also believe that you, Paddy Johnson are, or at least have the ability to be, the Seth Siegelaub of our time. Take that as you will. However, to me Art is in everything we create. The digital critic holds immense power. Those bold enough to state, that what they create, "is Art" are the "now".

There is, and will forever be, a contradiction in any contemporary art movement. Particularly when it comes to New Media, Conceptual and Performance Art. Just realize, that mere existence of contrasting perspectives is exactly how we can tell where Art lives.


Paddy Johnson (Artist)


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