Friday, January 30, 2015

B. Holden Vance, a Reexamination of Reality, for

Reexamination of Reality
by B. Holden Vance III


Life is merely an undisputable fact,  and the production of an alternate reality is another kind of truth that shares no genuine relationship to reality.  Both are waiting for something miraclulous to occur---the reexamination of reality.  -Ai WeiWei*

Screen Capture and New Media Immersionism for
Chase Alias' "What We Found on Craigslist",
Series, 2005-2011


64 bit,  HDR Digital File
6144 x 3456 px
Lab Color
Series 1/1 plus AP

Includes a Signed Certificate by Artist DS Pollack
Appraisal certificate with full value and sales record
All meta tags and hyperlinks for the Digital provence with a pre-released copy of the eBook

Git_Chase :
a Compendium of Works from the Chromebooks of the Autonomic Tour, 2002 - 2015

Now available for free
A full version of the Soundscape Soundtrack
Exclusively on Android Market

Chase Alias' in Holden's Reexamination of Reality, 2011 a Soundtrack

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